For safe and efficient flight, excellence and precision are required of every team that contributes to the design, manufacturing, and use of an aircraft. 

Cable and wiring components used in the aerospace industry require extreme durability. To last through multiple takeoffs, landings, and the continuous use of mechanical components, the cables must be designed to withstand the wear and tear that comes standard with aircraft transportation. 

At Midcon Wiring Solutions, we embrace the rigorous standards characteristic of the aerospace and defense markets that we serve. We provide the products and services to meet any aerospace wiring challenge, including complete concurrent engineering design, qualification, production, and testing services. 

Our cables are designed specifically for long-term use on heavy machinery – especially aircraft. Where cable management, organization, and fitting in small spaces are critical components – you will find our solutions there. 

Let’s review the cable types—including custom and built-to-print solutions—that might be right for your aerospace project. 

Cable Types for Aerospace Industry Use

Early engineer-to-engineer engagement helps your team and ours work toward the fastest and most cost-effective wiring solution. To meet the unique needs of aerospace projects, Midcon Wiring Solutions offers the following cable types. 

Here are some of the cable types that we offer to our aerospace customers: 


EverFlex is a molded-woven ribbon cable. 

While rigid-flex is fragile and easy to fracture, EverFlex provides robust protection. It’s an excellent alternative for cable tasks that involve organizing a variety of conductor types into single or multiple flat flex wiring arrangements or rectangular cross sections. 

The advantages of EverFlex include:

  • Superior wire protection against abrasion
  • Individually replaceable flex circuits
  • Controlled circuit positions
  • Extended cable life
  • Reduced weight
  • Integrated special features

With EverFlex, you can manage cables with a tough, flexible coating that prevents damage while improving cable organization. 

To learn more, view our EverFlex to rigid flex comparison page. 


MicroFlex is a fabric-processed product with all the advantages of EverFlex along with some enhanced benefits. This type of cable is built for the increasingly compact computing systems used in modern aircraft. 

MicroFlex advantages include:

  • Various material options, including Vectron and Kevlar
  • Controlled circuit positions
  • Low profile shielding
  • Chemical resistance, thermal resistance, and biological resistance

Custom Fiber Optic Assemblies

Fiber optic assemblies are ideal for long-distance communications and data transfer systems. 

Compared to copper, fiber optics offer these advantages:

  • Higher speeds 
  • Larger bandwidth
  • Longer transmission distances
  • Stronger security
  • Lighter weight

At Midcon, we provide single and multi-mode fiber optic assemblies. With a wide range of specifications available, we’ll work with your team to develop a custom fiber optic solution.

Custom Organized Wiring

When the wiring product you need can’t be pulled out of a catalog, a custom solution is needed. 

At Midcon, our design engineers work with clients to develop unique items that meet specified performance requirements. 

Custom wiring solutions can include:

  • Fully-custom design
  • Custom connectors or terminations
  • Repeatable process for close tolerance fit requirements
  • Defining and monitoring key characteristics for process control

Build-To-Print Cable Assemblies

In a “build-to-print” project, you provide the design specifications and work instructions that your team has developed. We construct your cable solution precisely according to your plan. 

Our expert engineering team is exceedingly adept at meeting unique design needs. We develop our solutions in close collaboration with our clients to ensure that they meet exact specifications for the mission or task at hand. 

Build-to-print assemblies are fully tested and 100 percent turnkey upon delivery. 

Custom Cable Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

Midcon Wiring Solutions designs and manufactures heavy-duty, industrial-grade cables for multiple industries, including aviation, ground vehicles, missiles, unmanned vehicles, rotorcraft, and field communications. Since 1972, we’ve been an aerospace cable and wiring industry leader

We’re an employee-owned company located in Joplin, Missouri, and North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We are committed to providing our customers throughout the United States with the exact cabling protection and management solutions they need for the most efficient performance on the market. 

To discuss your aerospace cable and wiring needs, contact Midcon Wiring Solutions today. Our team of engineers will be happy to answer any questions you have or provide any further information that you need about our solutions.