Midcon Cables Co. introduces the next generation of organized wiring. MicroFlex® is a new fabric processed poduct with many advantages of the original molded EverFlex® product including: controlled circuit positions, breakouts and transitions along with enhanced properties such as increased thermal protection; low profile overall shielding; and improved chemical resistance.

Our design team has vast experience in dealing with the challenges of routing and packaging your interconnect assemblies to provide the fit and function for today’s ever shrinking electronic systems. Whether your needs are for “build-to-print” or custom value-added traditional cable assemblies and harnesses, Midcon’s Team is ready to meet your interconnection needs.


  • Conductive fabrics for low profile EMI
    • Shield effectiveness 80 db @ 1ghz
    • Metal adhesion per ASTM D3559
    • 48 hour salt fog per ASTM B117
  • Vast material options;
    • Vectron
    • Kevlar
    • other materials
  • Ideal for environmental applications;
    • Chemical Resistance
    • Thermal Resistance
    • Biological Resistance
  • Precise dimensions for space constrained applications
    • Controlled circuit protection and positions
    • Extremely low profile
    • Flat configurations
  • Robust wire protection
  • Integrated special features

IDEAL for “wearable” interconnects!

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