NEW, NC machine processed, custom flat form ribbon assemblies incorporating any number of sizes and types of discrete wire products, including: power, signal, RF, FO and more. All the advantages for the original EverFlex® and more! Enhanced properties may include both ultra-low-profile EMI shielding and increased thermal protection.

MicroFlex® Features

  • High circuit density ribbon cables
  • Controlled circuit positions for organized wiring
  • Low profile molded cable terminations
  • Integrated cable assembly tie-downs
  • Transition breakouts, bends & curves
  • Superior Flex life
  • Shielding


  • Conductive fabrics for low profile EMI
  • Vast material options
  • Increased thermal protection
  • Improved chemical resistance
  • Precise dimensions for fit
  • Controlled circuit positions
  • Robust wire protection
  • Integrated special features
  • IDEAL for “wearable” interconnects!

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