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Military-Grade Wiring: The Cutting-Edge Evolution

As the battlefield continues to evolve, next-generation wiring solutions, with their adaptability, light weight, and smart features, will become standard. Nanotechnology, flexible materials, wireless energy transfer, and embedded sensors will be critical components of future warfighter technology.

What is Build-to-Print Wiring?

Build-to-print wiring is a specialized process where precise instructions, drawings, and construction techniques are used to create electrical wiring harnesses. This approach is common in industries where precision and consistency are crucial.

A Brief History of Military-Grade Wiring

Have you ever stopped to consider how wire has shaped the course of military warfare? No? That’s not surprising. It’s probably not a hot cocktail-party topic. But, if your interest has been piqued even a little, here’s a brief history of military grade wiring. Warfare...

Why Is Nadcap Accreditation Important?

National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap) is an industry-managed accreditation program that focuses on certifying special processes and products crucial to the aerospace and defense sectors.

The Role of Military Grade Wiring in National Security

What do think of when someone says “national security systems”? Tanks? Planes? Maybe satellites and missiles? What is a National Security System? A national security system is any system that is used to protect and safeguard the security and interests of a nation....

A Cabling Guide for Tactical Aircraft Maintenance

Cable maintenance is a critical aspect of the safety and reliability of tactical aircraft.  Power, communication, weapons, and other critical tactical aircraft systems all rely on cable and wires assemblies. Proper maintenance of these mission-critical components...

What is Nadcap Accreditation?

Nadcap is the name of a global cooperative accreditation program for the aerospace and defense industries.  Established in 1990, Nadcap was formerly known as NADCAP, which stood for National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program. Rebranded as...