EverFlex®to Rigid-Flex Comparison

Don’t let delicate rigid flex assemblies make you introduce special requirements and non-value added rework that eat into your bottom line. Contact us and put EverFlex advantages with the experience of our design team to work for you. EverFlex organized wiring technology adds genuine value to your balance sheet!

EverFlex® Features

  • Efficient organized wiring tooling process
  • Standard contacts, crimp or solder
  • Robust abrasion & wire protection
  • Individually replaceable circuits
  • Durable for drop in installation
  • Full range of twisted & shielded options
  • Proven environmental performance


  • Costly – highly detailed artwork
  • Expensive solder tail contacts for flex terminations
  • Fragile, easy to fracture flex traces
  • Discrete wire patching for broken traces
  • Requires special handling
  • Limited to simulated twisted pairs
  • Delamination during thermal cycling