EverFlex molded-woven® ribbons provide a unique alternative for organizing and managing a variety of different conductor types and sizes into single or multiple flat flex wiring or rectangular cross sections.

EverFlex® Features

  • High circuit density ribbon cables
  • Controlled circuit positions for organized wiring
  • Low profile molded cable terminations
  • Integrated cable assembly tie-downs
  • Transition breakouts, bends & curves
  • Superior Flex life
  • Shielding


EverFlex offers a variety of advantages over flex circuit assemblies, woven cables or traditional harnesses.

  • Efficient NRE process supported by cost effective tooling
  • Excellent abrasion & cable wire protection
  • Individually replaceable flex circuits support your changes or rework
  • Easy to complex multiple conductor types and sizes (signal, power, RF & more)
  • Controlled circuit positions
  • Superior flex cable life
  • Low profile molded cable terminations
  • Integrated special features
  • Tool controlled footprint for precise fit & ease of installation
  • Reduces weight
  • Rugged cable assembly – field proven years of service
  • Great value for either high or low volume production
  • Click to compare with Rigid-Flex

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