Midcon provides RF Coaxial Connectors ranging in frequency from DC-110 GHz. These high-performance RF Coaxial Connectors support multiple applications including, 5G applications, Test & Measurement for and bench top test applications, inside the box applications and board mount connectors supporting Mil/Defense and commercial markets. These RF Coaxial Connector options include surface mount connector options (SMT), field replaceable or solderless connectors. Mounting options include vertical mount and right-angle mount RF Coaxial connectors.

Our RF Coaxial connector options include thread on style and push on connectors. Our thread on connector types includes SMA, supporting 18.5 GHz, 3.5mm connectors supporting 35 GHz, 2.92mm, also known as type K connectors, that support 40 GHz, 2.4mm connectors supporting frequencies of 50 GHz, 1.85mm connectors, also known as type V connectors supporting frequencies of 65 GHz, 1.35mm connectors supporting 80 GHz providing a lower cost alternative to the 1.0mm connector that supports 110GHz.

Our field replaceable RF Coaxial Connectors allow the end user to recycle these connectors since these connectors do not require solder to mount to the board. These allow for mounting to multiple board thicknesses eliminating the need to use multiple connectors.

Field Replaceable/Right Angle board mount connector

Right Angle solder mount connector

Vertical mount solderless/field replaceable connector

Our push on RF connector types include SMP and SMPM type connectors supporting frequencies of 40 and 60 GHz respectively.

Reach out to Midcon to allow us to support your RF Coaxial Connector needs.