“Military grade” is often used as a marketing term by companies that would like to gain some clout by associating their products with the US military. It’s a relatively easy claim to make, so long as a specific product or component is used—in some capacity—by a military department.

For companies like MIDCON Wiring Solutions that design products specifically for defense markets, military grade is more than just an aspiration. Our wires and cables are designed to meet the strict quality and performance standards required by the US armed forces.

In some cases, military-grade is used synonymously with MIL-SPEC.

Short for “military specifications,” MIL-SPEC items conform precisely to the rigorous materials and design standards established by the military. MIL-SPEC items are standardized down to the smallest detail.

A MIL-SPEC item or component is exactly like every other item or component that conforms to the same specification. This conformity helps the military eliminate corner-cutting and establish extremely high reliability throughout entire departments.

At MIDCON, we make military-grade wiring for use in applications where reliable communication is critical, such as in aircraft and satellites.

Our wiring and cable products are made from the highest-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability and performance in extreme conditions.

Our cables are also designed for resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can disrupt communication signals. EMI shielding is typically achieved by wrapping a cable in a metallic foil or a braided shield.

If your organization requires a high-quality cable or wire solution for your next project, use the same products that meet the military’s rigorous standards for use in high-stakes field applications.

Reasons to Use Military-Grade Wiring

The US military is famous for maintaining incredibly detailed standards for every material and every process. There’s even a remarkable 26-page MIL-SPEC brownie recipe. The recipe includes specifications that the average baker would never imagine, such as the stipulation of a moisture content that shall not exceed 8.0%.

At MIDCON, we appreciate the reliability and safety benefits offered by the military’s focus on standardization, detail, and quality. That’s why we’re proud to call our cable and wiring solutions “military grade.”

Here are a few key performance advantages gained from using military grade wiring.

Superior Durability

Wiring used by US military departments must be built to withstand the most extreme conditions. These may include contact with harsh chemicals, ultraviolet light exposure, and extremely hot and cold temperatures.

Reliable Performance

Military-grade wiring undergoes testing to ensure consistent performance in the most challenging environments.

Due to the high-stakes nature of wire and cable performance in military equipment, any wiring products that conform to a military specification must use materials and assemblies that have been selected for superior reliability.

Enhanced Safety

For wiring applications that involve extreme safety concerns, you’re in good company when using the same wire and cable solutions that are preferred by the US armed forces.
Military-grade wiring is designed to minimize the risk of dangers such as fires and explosions, even when dangerous conditions could easily result in these types of catastrophes.

Increased Efficiency

Military specifications for cable and wiring assemblies are designed to minimize signal loss and maximize conductivity.

In military field operations, high-performance wiring solutions are vital for communications systems and other essential equipment. The same superior efficiency provided by military wiring is beneficial for any non-military use where performance is of the utmost importance, such as in satellite or aircraft parts.

Reduced Need for Maintenance, Repairs, and Replacement

High-quality cables and wires designed for defense applications require less maintenance, repair, and replacement than standard cables and wires.

At MIDCON Wiring Solutions, we use protective materials like molded-woven® ribbons, Vectron, and kevlar. These materials protect against threats like thermal damage or chemical damage, reducing the instances of damage events that affect performance and require attention.

Get Custom Military Grade Cable Assemblies for Your Military or Defense Organization

Since 1972, MIDCON Wiring Solutions has partnered with military and defense teams to develop fully custom cabling solutions that meet military-grade standards. We specialize in the sophisticated collaboration and customization that’s necessary for the defense and aerospace sectors.

Our assemblies enable frictionless performance, minimal signal loss, and superior durability.
Contact MIDCON today to discuss a custom cable assembly that meets your organization’s rigorous quality standards and unique performance requirements.