Nadcap is the name of a global cooperative accreditation program for the aerospace and defense industries. 

Established in 1990, Nadcap was formerly known as NADCAP, which stood for National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program. Rebranded as Nadcap, the new name continues to stand for widely-recognized high-quality performance standards. 

If you work in the aerospace, military, or defense sectors, you might have some familiarity with the importance of Nadcap accreditation. However, if you could use a primer on the topic, then this blog post is for you. 

Let’s cover the basic facts on Nadcap and review the benefits of working with a Nadcap-accredited provider for all of your organization’s cable and wire assembly needs. 

What is Nadcap?

Nadcap is an industry-led approach to conformity assessment for organizations in the aerospace, defense, and related industries. The Nadcap designation is a badge of quality and expertise. 

Collaboration under Nadcap brings together technical experts from both government agencies and the private sector to work toward these objectives:

  • Establish requirements for accreditation
  • Provide accreditation to product suppliers
  • Define operational requirements and regulations for suppliers

The goal of these efforts is to ensure that Nadcap-accredited products are designed and produced in accordance with agreed-upon quality standards, specifications, and customer requirements. 

How Does a Business Earn Nadcap Accreditation?

In order to be eligible for Nadcap accreditation, a business must meet several criteria. 

For all procedures that relate to their Nadcap accreditation, a business must demonstrate compliance with the applicable Nadcap standards. Businesses must also demonstrate compliance with certain applicable government regulations, such as those related to the handling, labeling, and storage of hazardous materials. 

For businesses in the aerospace industry, a current AS9100 or AS9110 certification is required in order to earn Nadcap accreditation. 

Once all applicable criteria are met, a business can submit an application to join the Nadcap network. Required supporting documents may include items like process flow diagrams, quality control manuals, and corrective and preventive action plans (CAPA plans). 

Next, a business seeking Nadcap approval goes through a rigorous audit process. This includes both onsite inspections and document reviews that are conducted by independent Nadcap-certified auditors. 

Once approved, a business may receive its official Nadcap certification that verifies its commitment to quality assurance in accordance with Nadcap standards. 

Why Should You Work with a Nadcap-Accredited Cable Assembly Provider?

Nadcap accreditation offers significant benefits for aerospace and defense contractors and their customers. Partnering with a Nadcap-accredited firm such as Midcon Wiring Solutions offers the assurance that you’re working with a team of industry leaders whose work meets the highest standards for quality and consistency. 

For your next cable assembly project, here are a few benefits of working with a Nadcap-accredited provider. 

Work With Proven Experts 

Nadcap-accredited providers have track records of expertise and reliability. When you work with a Nadcap-accredited team, you know that you’re receiving goods and services from highly-trained and experienced industry thought leaders. 

Meet Industry Standards for Product Quality

In the aerospace and defense industries, standardization and consistency are essential. When you work with a Nadcap-accredited supplier, you have the assurance that your products meet all industry standards for quality and customer expectations. 

Receive Products that Passed Inspections by Trained Auditors 

Nadcap-accredited businesses undergo detailed and demanding audits by Nadcap to ensure product quality and compliance with regulations. According to the Performance Review Institute

Nadcap auditors perform approximately 6,000 audits per year. These audits address commodity categories such as welding, chemical processing, and aerospace quality systems. 

Nadcap auditors are among the industry’s most experienced professionals, typically bringing more than 30 years of experience to the role. 

Predictable Quality Standards

The aerospace and defense industries have rigorous quality standards for materials and procedures. 

All contractors must offer highly-predictable results in order for aerospace and defense teams to safeguard human lives and achieve winning results from large, complex projects. When you work with a Nadcap-accredited provider, you know that all applicable quality standards have been met and that the materials you receive meet their specifications precisely. 

Get NADCAP-Accredited Custom Cable Assemblies for Your Military or Defense Organization

At Midcon Wiring Solutions, we provide custom cable assembly solutions that meet the needs of today’s ever-shrinking electronics systems. We work with the military and defense industries, offering built-to-print and value-added solutions for complex, high-stakes projects. 

To learn more about our EverFlex, MicroFlex, and customized wiring products, contact Midcon’s team of cable assembly experts today.