For military and defense organizations, reliable communication systems are of the utmost importance.

Among the military’s most essential communication tools, fiber optics are used for a variety of systems that include ground, sea, and air applications. Fiber optics make it possible to securely move large amounts of data over great distances.

At Midcon Wiring Solutions, we develop single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic assemblies for an extensive range of uses and specifications. These include commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware as well as military-type connection systems.

Let’s take a closer look at the key advantages of high-quality fiber optic cables and the scenarios in which those benefits are most essential.

Benefits of Fiber Optic Cables

An optical fiber is an extremely thin and flexible fiber made from glass or plastic. A fiber optic cable consists of a fiber core, a cladding layer, and a coating.

Fiber optics refers to the science and engineering behind the application of optical fibers to transmit data in the form of light.

Fiber optics are incredibly useful for the sort of long-distance, high-speed communication that’s often of critical importance for military departments.

Here are the key benefits of high-quality fiber optic cables for use in the military and other settings where superior performance is required.

Security Improvements

Fiber optic communication systems are not immune to security threats, but they do offer security advantages over copper wire transmission systems.

Optical fibers transmit data via light instead of electricity. Therefore, fiber optic cables don’t carry electric signals that can be tapped by hackers. Additionally, damage to fiber optic cables is easier to detect than damage to copper cables, so any vulnerabilities that occur can be quickly spotted and fixed.

Faster Transmission Rates and Greater Bandwidth

Fiber optic cables have the capability to transmit data at much higher rates than copper cables. Fiber optic cables designed for military applications can transmit up to 10 gigabits of data per second (Gbps).

The superior bandwidth of fiber optic cables equips military units to achieve the fastest data reception speeds possible, potentially saving precious moments of time in high-stakes scenarios.


Fiber optic cables are constructed from glass or plastic, which are both extremely strong materials.

Military-grade fiber optic cables are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, strong winds, salt spray, and other harsh environmental conditions that would damage or destroy weaker cables.

Scenarios in Which Fiber Optic Cables Are Most Effective

Fiber optics are everywhere, from home internet connections to wind turbine nacelle controls to spacecraft. Here are a few high-stakes scenarios in which fiber optic communication advantages make the biggest differences.

Long-Distance Communication Systems

The combination of faster transmission rates and superior bandwidth make fiber optic systems ideal for long-range communications.

Long-distance fiber optic communication systems can securely send large amounts of data with minimal signal loss. This superior performance is essential for military teams, intelligence agencies, and other government organizations.

Mobile Deployment

Fiber optic cables are durable and powerful, opening up opportunities for improved communication in mobile deployment applications. Compared to copper cables, fiber optic cables in vehicles or aircraft are less vulnerable to vibration damage, in addition to their overall durability and security advantages.

Battlefield Communications

Thanks to enhanced security, fiber optic cables used by military departments improve battlefield communication networks. Because fiber optic systems are less vulnerable to both hacking and environmental damage, military teams can more easily send data across dangerous areas without suffering an interception or security breach.

Fiber optics are also used for surveillance equipment, both on-base and off-base. Because fiber optic cables are durable and effective for mobile deployment, they’re an ideal solution for safely relaying surveillance data across long distances with a reduced chance of data loss.

Custom Fiber Optic Assemblies From Midcon Wiring Solutions

Midcon Wiring Solutions has provided custom cable and wiring assemblies for military and defense teams since 1972. We’re an employee-owned company with facilities in South Carolina and Missouri.

We develop cable and wiring designs that are driven by pressing needs encountered in the fields of defense, aerospace, and other industries that require superior features and performance.

Our cable and wiring experts will work with your team to create a custom assembly that provides every feature you need. We can design a solution based on a set of needs or develop a build-to-print system designed by your own team. Our customizable services include design, documentation, and production.

To learn more, contact Midcon today.