Data centers don’t grab many headlines, but they play an important role in society’s constant use of digital technology. 

The physical materials that keep data centers running include a robust collection of cables and wires. 

Data center cabling needs to be highly effective, strong, and durable. Poor cabling is one of the top threats to any data center’s integrity. Sometimes, one faulty cable can compromise the function of an entire system. 

As a data center manager, cable management is a critical task. To keep your systems running optimally, use high-quality cables outfitted specifically for data center applications to protect your valuable infrastructure. 

Furthermore, a custom wiring solution can prove extremely useful for better managing your cabling networks. These cables are constructed with the exact dimensions of your data center and spacing requirements in mind. Rather than trying to force a generic endpoint into a small space, you can instead connect one that has been custom-designed to satisfy limited room. 

Today, we are going to review some essential benefits of custom data center cabling as well as some tips for better managing cables at your own data center. If you are ready for a custom solution to help you better manage your own data center, contact us today. 

Benefits of Custom Data Center Cables

One of the most visible benefits that data center cables provide is their superior customizability. From the length of the cable to the size and shape of endpoints to the housing material, there are few limits that a fully proprietary solution can’t overcome. 

When your upgrade your data center’s hardware to include high-quality custom cabling, you’ll enjoy these key benefits. 

Made From the Strongest, Most Durable Materials

Superior wiring quality helps your data center avoid connection issues

Wiring and cables that are expertly made from the strongest materials offer these advantages:

  • Protection from wear and tear, abrasion, and breakage
  • Able to fit into tight spaces without extra layers of bulky protective material
  • Durability that doesn’t compromise flexibility

Custom cables can be made with size-optimal endpoints that enable system connections in tight spaces. 

Custom cables can also be crafted with flexible housing. When cables are both durable and flexible, you benefit from more configuration options with less risk of breakage or damage. 

Custom Wiring Configurations

A cable is only as good as the individual wires that it contains. In a data center, specific wiring configurations are sometimes required that can only be provided by a custom cable solution. 

Custom wiring reduces the total number of cables that a data center requires for operation. Using fewer cables saves costs and time and helps you run a center that more efficiently uses its space and materials. 

Additionally, when ordering custom wiring it’s possible to specify the exact lengths that are perfect for your needs. This is preferable to relying on predetermined manufacturer lengths that may be too long or short for the intended use. 

Custom Cable Coloring

Large cable networks are difficult to track and trace. When maintenance is required, finding the right cables and avoiding errors can be a time-consuming and precarious process. 

When you upgrade to custom cabling, you can order cables that are colored exactly as needed for your center’s unique organizational needs. 

Custom-colored cables are easier to track and identify, saving your team time whenever maintenance is required. 

Tips for Better Data Center Cable Management

Managing a substantial number of cables is a major job. Remember these best practices for safe and efficient data center cabling:

Match cable colors to specific uses. This can help easily identify and reference cables within your infrastructure for any maintenance, repair, or replacement purposes as well as help with avoiding accidentally connecting certain ones.  For example, power cables should all be of the same color. Likewise for fiber optic cables, coaxial cables, and other groups.  

Document new cables right away. Whenever you purchase or install a new cable, add the event to your records. Never let a new cable enter your system without ensuring that you’ll always know what it is, where it belongs, and what purpose it serves. You can streamline this by using a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software that includes cabling documentation as part of its features. 

Bind multiple cables together as needed. When connecting endpoints over long distances, bind together multiple cables that run between the same endpoints. This prevents tangling and simplifies tracking.

Custom Cables for Your Data Center

At Midcon Wiring Solutions, we’ve been creating military-grade custom cable solutions since 1972. We serve the defense and aerospace industries along with private enterprises that require superior materials and planning for their cabling needs. 

Our team continuously evolves to meet the expanding cable and wiring needs of modern high-tech operations, including data centers. 

To learn more, contact Midcon Wiring Solutions today. We’ll work with your team to create a custom data center cabling solution that’s effective, strong, and built precisely to meet your center’s needs.